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    • St Lucia Holiday Schedule|St Lucia Schedule
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    • Surrey Lawn Tennis Bridge Challenge|SLTBC
    • Antispades Weak Twos|Antispades Twos
    • A General Method for Valuing Bridge Hand Distributions|Evaluating Distributions
    • A Special Method for Illustrating Bridge Auctions: the Torring Chart|Illustrating Auctions
    • The Simplex Bidding System|Simplex bidding
    • Bridge Views|Bridge Views
    • The PUИK Bidding System for beginners|PUИK bidding
    • OXBRIDGE, a two-person bridge game|Two-person Bridge
    • A movement and scoring pack for eight individuals over 21 boards|Bridge Movements
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    • The Times 17th November 2014 (Andrew Robson)|The Times 17-Nov-14
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